Flying Diamonds TJ Edge Side Bites

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Performance meets stability. Having spent the past 20 years on the World Longboard Tour riding and perfecting these fins, I wanted to create one set of side fins that would handle any condition and work in every board. Then we wanted to take that one step further and do something nobody else in longboarding does, size them for your build and type of waves you surf! The Edge side fins are just that, designed to give you a balance of speed and versatility in every condition. Long noserides, vertical off the lips and fast powerful carves these are the fins I trust to take me where I want to go and can�t live without.

Sizing Recommendations � Pairing with 6.5� Signature Center Small/ 3.75? � 100-155lbs | 1-3ft surf Medium/ 4? � 145-195lbs | 2-6ft surf Large/ 4.25? � 185+ lbs | 4ft+ surf